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Paparazzi is very different from other direct sales companies. And believe me, I've tried others. But the inexpensive price point ($5) and the huge variety (we get new inventory added every day Mon-Fri) are big advantages for every consultant. In addition, Paparazzi promotes an environment of sisterhood/brotherhood and we help each other out. I lead a team of talented women and men who share resources, training, tips, and ideas and cheer each other on. The money to be made is not only through jewelry sales, but also through building a team of your own. You earn commission on your downline team's purchases. I'd be honored to have you on my team. Please email me at heiditweedlusk@gmail.com or click on the LIVE Chat Now 🙂 button at the bottom right of this screen to message me via Facebook. Or, find me on Facebook - Heidi Tweed Lusk, and pm me. There is no better time to do this! It's still a young company with lots of opportunity. No sales experience required.


Why wait? Our upcoming season is going to be HUGE! Get in on it now.

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If you love $5 Paparazzi Jewelry and would like "first dibs" on new inventory, join my Facebook VIP Group! You'll get to see the Paparazzi jewelry before I even receive it and you can buy it right there in the group. You'll also have access to our weekly LIVE Paparazzi jewelry Facebook shows, giveaways and more! Plus - we have a great time and love playing BLINGO, Family Feud and other fun games each month. My VIPs are the best!!!

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Paparazzi jewelry is not only an incredible deal, at only $5, its also nickel and lead free! All of our Paparazzi jewelry necklace sets include a necklace with matching earrings (so you get 2 pieces for $5 in the necklace set!) and includes an extender. Bracelets by Paparazzi Accessories are available in a great selection of leather wraps, chains, cuffs and bangles and many have extenders or are adjustable. Paparazzi jewelry Rings have stretchy bands so no need to worry about sizing and they now also come in "dainty band" styles with thinner bands. Earrings created by Paparazzi Accessories come in clip-on, post, fish hook and hoop styles.

If you see something you like on the site - get it fast. Paparazzi jewelry inventory turns over quickly so we usually only have one of each of the items you will see, but that means great variety for you! If you'd like to have first dibs, click here to join our Facebook VIP Group and be the first to see new Paparazzi Jewelry when it arrives!

Looking for a part time job that you'll love? Sign up to sell Paparazzi Accessories and create your own boutique! You choose the Paparazzi jewelry inventory and there is no minimum (you can buy one of anything or buy several). You get a FREE website at paparazziaccessories.com (check out my site). And when you join my team, our sweet, talented teammates will support you, encourage you and celebrate with you! Get started for only $99! SIGN UP NOW!  Also, feel free to message me (see blue icon in bottom corner of this screen) or email me for more information.  Paparazzi jewelry is so amazing and affordable that it sells itself!!!


Paparazzi Accessories Mission Statement:

To bring strength, independence, and empowerment to individuals and their families by building confidence and financial freedom through affordable fashion. While $5 jewelry may not change the world, we believe those who wear it will.

Paparazzi Accessories is a young company, started in 2011 by two sisters and their husbands. Today, these founders continue to be hands-on and focused on making this company and its consultants successful. Their goal of empowerment and positive message creates an atmosphere of achievement and their consultants truly love this company. If you join my team, know that we are a group of positive, supportive women who will help you, train you, support you and celebrate you on your journey to success.

It's a great company to work for and Team Savvy is amazing! What are you waiting for? Start selling this $5 Paparazzi jewelry with me today! Click Here to Join!