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Building Your Paparazzi Inventory

building your paparazzi inventory

One of the reasons we suggest starting with the larger kits is that when folks find out you are selling amazing $5 jewelry, there is usually a pretty high demand! Even if you are starting with the $99 kit, you need to supplement your initial kit to ensure you are building your Paparazzi inventory and still making a profit.


You need to have  inventory on-hand to make big sales. I suggest building it as quickly as you can afford to. Set a goal for what you want your inventory to be in one month, three months, six months, etc. and work toward it. I suggest reinvesting all profits for at least the first 2-3 months to build up your inventory. When I was trying to build mine up, I held a garage sale and used all of the profits to buy jewelry.


For me, my business really began to take off once I started ordering weekly. I started out ordering once a week, usually the same day each week so that I would have new inventory for my regularly scheduled Facebook LIVE show (which is on Thursdays). This not only got me on a routine but it helped my sales a ton because people are tuning in EVERY week to see what new bling I have. So you are building your inventory and your repeat customer base. Even if you can only order 5 pieces a week - try getting into this routine.


When you are just starting out, choose pieces that are standouts. Blockbuster necklaces, bracelets and earrings are good bets.  You will have fewer pieces so you want to make sure the ones you have sell. Try seed beads, statement necklaces, bracelets with words, and pearls, rhinestones and colorful pieces.


Remember, you get one free piece of jewelry for every 10 you purchase in your orders (hostess rewards). That means you will also have some inventory in addition to what is noted in the graphic. When purchasing 207 pieces, you will get 20 free hostess rewards, etc.

During some months Paparazzi offers incentives including a summer party pack of 10 free pieces when you have an order of a certain PV. These are great months to build your inventory and get lots of freebies.

If you purchase a large amount all at once (over 1000 pieces) you are eligible for the "Show Rebate" a rebate of 7% of what you paid.

Need a good way to keep up with your growing Paparazzi inventory? Take a look at our Paparazzi Inventory System article and downloadable spreadsheet. 


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