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Change Your Paparazzi Website Address to Include Your Name

Paparazzi provides us with an excellent resource for our business – a replicated website! The sites are set up so that your link is (ie is mine). But they have included an option to change that so that your name is appended instead of your number – mine is .

Since I have had a lot of folks on my team who ask me how to change this, I created a quick tutorial to show you where to go to make this change. This tutorial is for a desktop/laptop but should be similar for phone.

Also remember that you can use this to promote joining your team – (just add /join/).

1. Go into your back office and HOVER over your picture in the top right. When you do, a menu will drop down that says MY PROFILE. Click on that.

change your paparazzi website to include your name step 1


2. Click On EDIT MY PROFILE on the left side of the screen. Then you'll see a form field that says Replicated Site. Mine already has my name in their but yours should have your consultant ID. You can change that but the CID will also always work. I can still use even though I've changed mine. Be sure to click SAVE at the bottom after you change it. And that's it!

change name on web link 2

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