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Games to Play in Your Facebook Groups

facebook games

The VIPs in my Paparazzi Facebook group LOVE playing games, especially during LIVE shows. So I asked my teammates to contribute some games they play and added a few of my own. Special thanks to Hannah Etherton for her contributions! She is the game guru.

  1. THE TIMER GAME: Basically this game can be done on its own or it can serve as the basis for some other games as well. It's super simple, set a timer (there are many timer apps) for a random time - 8 minutes, 10 minutes, etc. A kitchen timer is fine, too. In fact, getting a cute little timer might be a great gimmick.  So go about your sales and explain to your viewers that they need to continually comment. They can comment about the jewelry, ask questions, talk to each other, etc. Then, when the timer goes off, you choose the person who commented last before the timer went off. Then, you decide what happens next. Typically, we would then give them an entry into the drawing (and then repeat the timer and give the next person who is last to comment an entry). Or, you could give away a free piece for each timer ding. could use the timer ding/last comment to select a person to play a game (like UNO, etc.) so this way it's a selector for who competes.
  2. UNO: Select 10 cards from UNO. Hannah suggests to use a mix of the following: the number 1 card (=1 entry), number 2 card (=2 entries), number 3 card (=3 entries), reverse (=draw again), skip (=no entries), draw 2 (=draw two and follow the second card), and ONE wild card (=instant winner of one piece of jewelry). Entry means number of entries in the drawing. You can use the timer game to determine who plays.
  3. FAMILY FEUD: You can play this on your FB LIVEs or during a wall drop in your VIP Group. Via LIVE, I typically ask a Family Feud question (I get them on the internet) and then the first person who has the highest ranked answer gets an entry in the drawing. If I do it during a wall drop, then as I post jewelry, I will do a post with a Family Feud question and then the first person to answer with the highest rank answer gets an entry.
  4. BINGO: This game has a LOT of different possibilities. In my version, I do it in my group over a weekend. It's called BLINGO WEEKEND. I ask folks to let me know if they want to play a day or so in advance and I message them a bingo card (which I download from the internet). I do a wall drop throughout the weekend (where you post a pic of a piece or 2 pieces of jewelry in individual posts). Then I will throw in a post that has jewelry in it but also has a BINGO number.  The great thing about this, is that if people want to join in later, they can join any time, I just send them a card and tell them to look through the group for the other numbers (which means they are also looking at a ton of jewelry to find the posts with the numbers on them). You can also ask people to choose 20 random numbers from 1-100 and then the first person to get 4 called wins. That one is much better for LIVE shows. In addition, some of my teammates actually hold BINGO parties at venues and have gorgeous $5 bling for people to buy there.
  5. TRIVIA: I love playing trivia, although sometimes with the LIVE lag it's a bit hard to be fair.  If it's a good night and there isn't much of a lag, it's a great game to play. And you can tailor it to the holiday or to the occasion. For instance in my Galentine's Day party (a party for our friends near Valentine's Day - thank you, Leslie Knope) we play Chick Flick trivia and I ask questions about rom coms. I've also done Disney Trivia, 90s trivia, 80s trivia, 60s trivia, American trivia (near July 4th), etc. You can get a lot of the trivia questions online but I also use trivia cards. The person who answers correctly gets an entry in the drawing and if they are the first to answer the next question they get a second entry, etc.
  6. MEMES: While not really a game, interactive memes are a great way to get your VIPs involved and engaged. Post things you want them to respond to. These are tons of fun and great for your algorithm.

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