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How to Be a Good Team Leader

how to be a good team leader
  1. Be a good listener. Find out what your team needs. Is it training? Guidance? Motivation? Recognition? Find out and provide that for them. If they have a problem, be empathetic, and help with suggested solutions.
  2. Lead by example.  Don't ask your team to do something that you aren't doing or haven't done. You need to perform above the bar you set for your team.
  3. Do what you say. Follow through on what you say you will do.
  4. Be enthusiastic and positive. Don't be negative about your company or your product. Focus on positive aspects.
  5. Help them to develop goals. Suggest goals for them to achieve. Remind them about what they need to be able to achieve their next rank. Ask them what their Life of the Party goals are and help them break that down into monthly goals.
  6. Push their limits. Encourage them to step outside of their comfort zone and give them the training and encouragement to do so.
  7. Encourage personal growth. Part of being a great leader is providing or telling your team about resources for personal development. Books by direct sales gurus. Videos. Articles. Advise them to read or watch and learn how to be better at sales, improve their self esteem, etc.
  8. Be a good problem solver. Teach your team how to identify a problem and think of solutions. Don't let them walk away. Teach them how to be a "detective" and figure out a way to fix the problem.
  9. Involve your team. Find out the gifts your team has and involve them in training your team. This builds up their esteem and also provides a great resource for the rest of your team.
  10. Motivate your team.  Give your team incentives to reach their goals and help you reach yours. Giveaways, back office credit, etc. are great motivators.
  11. Celebrate your team. When someone reaches a goal, achieves a new rank, etc. celebrate them on the page.
  12. Be available. Be available for your team to message or contact as much as possible. Find out answers for them or direct them to the resources where they can find the information.

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