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Increase Interaction in Your Facebook VIP Group

increase interaction in facebook group

Facebook has been a huge boon to my business. From LIVE parties and shows to my VIP Group and team groups, it's truly a great way to reach customers. But being visible and staying connected to these customers does require a bit of work. Below are some tips for how to increase engagement, visibility and sales in your Paparazzi VIP Groups.

Make it Exclusive

I highly suggest that you make your group a closed group instead of a public one. Why? Because a closed group implies that the members are special, they have exclusive access to your product and community. It builds loyalty and gives them a sense of camaraderie. Also, being a member of a group means they will have a shortcut to your group under their group tabs.

Make it Easy to Find

Even some of my tech savvy friends have trouble finding groups they belong to sometimes. And some of the ladies that are a part of my VIP have trouble finding it, or even understanding how it is different from their feed or my timeline. So it's important to include a link to your VIP group on everything - even posts inside your own group! I know it sounds crazy, but if Susie is seeing a ring that you posted in your VIP group on her news feed, or maybe an announcement that there is a fun contest going on, she may not realize that she needs to click at the top of that post to go into your group. But putting a link to the group in the post that says "click here to view more: " and then the link, should make it much easier.

I would also highly recommend that you change the URL of your Facebook group. It's easy to do, just go into your group, go under "EDIT GROUP SETTINGS" and then "WEB AND EMAIL ADDRESS." Change the web address to something easy to remember. Initially it probably looks something like All you need to do is replace what comes after the groups/ with what you want it to be. For example, I changed mine so that it is (it used to be heidiluskpaparazzi). That's a bit long and not easy to spell so I would probably shorten it if I had it to do over. Also note that you do not have to use the ?ref=group_cover part of the address. Just ignore that (it just takes you to a particular page).

facebook groups

One other thing I did was buy a URL and point it to my VIP page. So I always tell people if they can't figure out how to get there, they can just type in in the browser and it will take them right there. It's easy to do - just go to Godaddy or another registering service. Look up the web address you want, pay for it and then when you are setting it up, select "forwarding" and put your facebook group web address in as the forwarding address.

Go for Likes, Comments and Shares

Facebook shows posts in your newsfeed that they think you will be interested based on others liking, commenting or sharing a post or based on whether you have shown interest in a similar post before. We need people to engage with our groups not only within the group but via the newsfeed as a way to remind them of the group and get them back in there! A great way to do that is to have engaging posts that may have nothing to do with $5 jewelry. For instance, I posted a meme a month or so back that said "comment with your middle name but use no vowels." So this type of post not only got people to comment initially but they all came back again later to comment whether or not their name had been guessed correctly OR to guess another person's middle name. Tons of likes and comments on that one. And it got people into the group as well. Funny memes, creative or different memes, etc are great ways to get those likes, comments and shares.

Live Shows are great ways to get comments, likes and shares and also provide a great commercial for the jewelry in your VIP Group (and the group itself). Ask friends to tag their friends in the LIVE or add them to the group if they haven't been added. Give them an incentive to like and share. Play games on the live show to increase your comments.

Post questions. People love to tell you where they are from so even just a post that says, "where is everyone from?" will help with your comments, likes, etc. One thing I love is to ask what their favorite color is. I then make a note in a card file of their name and the color they like and will message them or tag them when I get new merchandise in that color. It's the little things that mean a lot to our VIPS!

Increase the Added Value

Create a regular schedule of events in your group. Have a "Tip Tuesday" where you give tips on jewelry, "Wear it Wednesday" where you encourage members to post pics of themselves wearing their Paparazzi. You could do something a few times a week or every day, but consistency is key. I also go live regularly one night a week - Tuesdays at 8pm. Sometimes I add in a Thursday, or a weekend show or go live every day that week, but I always go live on Tuesdays. I also invite them to post outfits they need accessorized and create "personal shopping posts" when they have asked me about a particular color, jewelry type, etc.

Games are another way to increase the sense of community and added value. I play games on my LIVE shows and in the group. One of my favorite games is Bingo (BLINGO). I usually make it into a weekend-long game. I send out bingo cards ahead of time to anyone who wants to play but I also tell people throughout the weekend they can join any time and send them out throughout the weekend. I post the number that my bingo cage selects and then I also post a few jewelry photos along with the number. People who join in later just need to go onto my VIP group and look back through the posts at the other numbers called to catch up. So it increases presence in the VIP group a LOT. Whomever calls bingo wins a free piece or two of jewelry.

I also play Family Feud, Scattegories and have Scavenger Hunts. The Scavenger Hunts are great because they get people to interact and comb through your albums. Just post clues as to what they need to find (and hints if it's taking them too long). This one is so involved that I usually give a prize to the winner but also do a drawing for all of the participants.


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