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Inexpensive DIY Jewelry Displays

For home parties or festivals it's great to have an inexpensive display that can be taken apart and transported. I found this idea on Pinterest and it works great. Costs under $40!

diy paparazzi display

  1. Purchase a double tier clothes rack.
  2. At your local hardware store, have them cut a sheet of pegboard into 2 foot sections. I bought 2 2ft x 4ft pieces and had them cut into 2x2s (I did this so they would fit in my car but you could totally leave them as 2x4 pieces and it's much easier to do that). 
  3. Purchase Velcro zip ties (I got black ones to blend in).
  4. Spray paint as desired. I painted mine black. Some people also reinforced the edges with duct tape. I haven't done that yet.
  5. Put the rack together.
  6. Place a zip tie through the second hole from either end of a piece of pegboard and attach to the top pole. Repeat with second piece. I also put a few zip ties to attach the boards together in the middle. For the bottom 2 boards, attach to top boards with S hooks or more zip ties. I also secured the middles with zip ties.
  7. I recommend J hooks for the peg holes because they stay in well.

clothes rack

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