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Messenger Parties

Thinking about hosting a Facebook Messenger party? It's a great way to show your jewelry because you know the algorithm won't get in the way of people seeing your bling. Here are a few suggestions I have for setting up your own party.

Before you start your party, consider the timing. I have found that shorter parties work better for me - 2 hours max and then I leave it open for a day or so for people to look back and shop more. But other people leave them open for several days or a week at a time. And you want to make sure it's late enough in the evening (or on a weekend) so that you have a good crowd.

If you have a hostess (and these are GREAT parties for hostesses), be sure to prep her ahead of time. Have her post on her timeline and ask people if they would like to be invited. You don't want to add people who have not been asked because they will NOT like it. It's best to make sure people would like to be invited.

Shoot for around 20 people. Any more than that and it gets a little chaotic.

Prepare some graphics ahead of time to be able to post during the party. Like a welcome, a thank you, a join my team graphic, and a congrats graphic.

Prepare your images - add a number to each of them, but be sure that the Paparazzi logo is visible in the corner.  It's best to add the number under the photo - not on top of it, so that you are in compliance. You can also add it in text under the image after you post it - just be sure to kind of explain - like #3 - orange necklace - so that it doesn't get confusing.

messenger party step one


messenger party step 2

messenger parties step 3

messenger parties

messenger party

messenger party games

messenger parties

messenger party

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