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New Consultant Quick Start

new consultant quick start

Explore Your Back Office at

  1. To log in, you will need the consultant number and password you provided when you registered. Your username is your consultant number. When you are ready to share your link, it is (for instance, mine is
  2. Read the information in the “RESOURCES” section of the back office. Familiarize yourself with the Policies and Procedures. These are under "Terms and Conditions." Lots of good training info on here and also your Paparazzi logos that you can use on your materials. Be sure to only use the logos provided here. The ones with the ®  and not ones with TM.
  3. When you get ready to place your first order, simply log in to (replace consultant# with your number), log in and shop. You'll notice that the price now shows retail and wholesale (which is your $2.75 price).

Set Your Goals

I know it seems obvious - your goal is to make money, right? But it really is extremely important to write down your goals and have a plan to achieve them. And setting goals is the start of a business plan because you are now a business owner!

Set up Business Logistics

  1. Set up a Paypal or Square account so that you can send invoices to your customers. Click here for a tutorial on PayPal Invoicing and Shipping. 
  2. Taxes – It’s up to you whether you charge tax or not. You have already paid sales tax on the retail cost to Paparazzi and they take care of reporting it, it’s completely up to you whether you want to recoup that. To determine what tax you will charge, google sales tax for your city, county and state.
  3. Determine Your Shipping Rate – if you use PayPal and the person pays via Paypal, you can actually print out a shipping label and pay for the shipping on Paypal. I just print it on paper and adhere it with packing tape. I bought a bunch of padded envelopes online cheap and keep them on-hand. It’s up to you how much you charge for shipping. I charge a flat rate of $3.50 for all items up to 9 and then for 10 items and up I offer free shipping. Click here for a tutorial on PayPal Invoicing and Shipping.

Promote Your New Business!

  1. Create Business Cards – Vista Print is inexpensive. Use the Paparazzi Independent Consultant logo found in the back office under Resources and upload it into one of their ready made templates. Easy, peasy! Give these out to everyone and put them in your bags. Be sure to put your website on them!
  2. Create a “VIP” group on Facebook and ask folks if they’d like to be added. Remind them they get first pass at your new inventory. I set mine up as a Closed Group and I also set mine up as a Buy/Sell so that I can add products & pricing. It is up to you how you structure yours. Share your group link and invite your friends to join.
  3. Announce that you have started a Paparazzi business on Facebook and put a link to your website. The links are (in place of #, put your consultant number – for instance, mine is

Party On!

  1. Hold an Open House, a Box Opening Party or a Grand Opening Party to generate interest and get you started. Usually a close friend or family member will be super happy to help!
  2. Invite your friends to host a party and remind them of the hostess rewards (one free piece of jewelry for every 10 sold at the party). They can host a basket party, a party at their home, an “online” party where people buy just from your website, or a Facebook LIVE party.
  3. Home parties are great avenues to sell jewelry and to build your team. Once folks see how awesome this jewelry is and how it “sells itself,” it’s not hard to make great sales, book future parties and possibly sign up a new consultant on your team. Remind your hostess that she doesn’t need to make a ton of food – just a plate of brownies will do. Make it easy for her.
  4. Basket parties are excellent ways for friends to host a party without having to clean their house! Get supplies together for your “basket parties.” I use a cute tote or a bin and add some signs. Also gather a bag for money, change, calculator, etc. When you have it together, take a pic and share, inviting folks to have a “basket” party. Find out more in this blog post about Basket Parties.
  5. Facebook LIVE parties can be done with the hostess sitting beside your or just with her sponsoring and getting people to the live party. Whether or not you have a hostess, I highly recommend doing weekly or twice weekly LIVE shows on Facebook. Find a place that is well lit in your home, set up your phone and just show the jewelry, inviting everyone to comment “sold” and the number. Click here for printable numbers that you are welcome to use. I print them out at home on card stock.
  6. When you do a LIVE, always wear something you have in stock. Remind folks that the jewelry is lead and nickel free. Remind them often to comment “sold and the number.” Interact with them via comments. Set up a regular time each week to go live. Here is a tutorial on how to set up a Facebook LIVE.


Look around your town and suss out any possible avenues for festivals or events where you might have a table. Paparazzi does very well at events! For a quick & cheap DIY display, view our blog post on Inexpensive Jewelry Displays. 

When you order for a large event (ie 1000 PV or more) you get a Show Rebate from Paparazzi so check that out!

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