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Paparazzi Basket Parties

basket parties


One great way to allow someone to host a party is to give them a basket filled with merchandise that they can take with them to work, ball field, etc and sell to family and friends. That way they don't have to clean their house, etc. Here is how I pack my baskets and some other ideas from around the internet.

1. Find a large tote, tub or basket. The totes from Thirty-One Gifts work great but I also use cheap black bins from Walmart and spruce them up with ribbon. Since I may have multiple baskets out at once, this is a cheap option.

2. Be sure to include a cash bag with change inside. I usually will put $20 in fives. I don't charge tax at basket parties just because it's easier.

3. I also include an inventory list - not with specifics but just necklaces - 20; Rings - 6; etc.

4. Be sure to include info about the jewelry - nickel and lead free, etc. I have little signs I attach with binder clips.

5. Include a few bags and some business cards.

6. I highly recommend the round tie racks and the oatmeal box containers for necklace storage. They keep the necklaces from getting tangled.

7. I use book rings for chain bracelets and earrings. You could also use for rings but I have a display I use for them.

8. I use bracelet display for bangles and cuffs.

9. Include instructions for hostesses and rewards. I give one free piece to her just for having the party and an additional free piece for every 10 that are sold.

10. Decide on a timeframe for the party. Usually I do them for 3 days or so.

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