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Paparazzi Facebook Live Parties

If you aren’t yet going live, I am telling you it will change your business. I know it can be daunting and you may not know where to start so I have tried to put a little guide together with suggestions for having Live Facebook Parties.

1. If you have not already created an account with Square or PayPal, do this first. This is how you will send invoices and receive funds after the party (unless someone is meeting you locally). You can set up shipping profiles and sales tax here, too.

2. Post some pieces in you VIP group and on your timeline and announce what time you will be going live.

3. Purchase numbers from the Paparazzi boutique, or you can download and print some on cardstock. Download those here. 

4. You can either label all of your jewelry with numbers as it comes in (which is what is shown in the video) or simply write down the name of the piece in a notebook beside the number you use. OR hang the jewelry up with the number on a j-hook or I use a clip it up carousel.

5. Gather your necklace busts and other displays. Move the jewelry you will show near where you will be shooting and preplace some necklaces on busts.

6. Set up your lighting and a place to put your phone so that the camera is well positioned.I use a clip that clips to my desk or screen.

7. Jot down a few points you may want to make along the way. I usually try to mention my website address a few times plus any specials or contests. If you are doing Trivia or a game, get that ready too.

8. Touch up makeup, brush your hair and look spiffy.

9. Go to your timeline and click “go live”. It won’t actually go live until you type in a description and hit the live button so you can test out lighting, etc. For the description I usually say $5 Jewelry! Comment “sold” plus the number of the items you’d like. And then I tease the giveaway, whatever it is. With changes in the algorithm, I also sometimes just say "come hang out". 

10. Click “go live”. Smile and say hello and explain you are waiting for folks to hop on. This is a good time to talk about the jewelry, explain that it is nickel and lead free, give instructions on how to comment sold and explain your shipping policies. Ask people to comment when they get on. Greet people and interact.

11. Show your first piece. Talk about the unique features. Show it up close if possible. Point out length and color because camera doesn’t always show it correctly. Remind them that necklaces come in sets and are adjustable, rings are stretchy, hair clips have pin backs on them, etc. After you have shown it for a minute, hold up the number and ask them to comment sold and the number if they’d like it.

12. If someone comments sold, I try to acknowledge them right away and jot it down. You can always go back and check the comments later but saying it out loud lets them know they got it and also verbalizes the sale so others maybe more likely to buy.

13. For large parties always offer a giveaway drawing. Ask folks to share your video on public setting and they’ll get an entry. Have a trivia contest or another game. Keep it fun like a party.

14. At the end, thank everyone and let them know when to expect invoices or shipments. Follow up by messaging them for contact info.

15. Go through your list and create invoices to send and get those out ASAP. If you are shipping, PayPal has a service where you can print and pay for a shipping label from the paid invoice.

16. Label a bag with the customers name and fill their order. I purchased some paper bags that stand up a bit better. I put my business card in the bag and usually write a note on the back of the card.

17. Make arrangements to deliver or ship. Replenish your stock!!!

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