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Paparazzi Inventory System and Spreadsheets

In trying to streamline the inventory process, I developed a spreadsheet based Paparazzi Inventory System that tracks quantities, assigns numbers for live shows and provide a system for recording what is bought by whom for invoicing.

Download Excel Spreadsheet Paparazzi Inventory System Template

I actually use Google Sheets so that I can access my jewelry inventory anywhere. If you want to do that, just upload the Excel spreadsheet to Google Sheets.

Basically, there are three sheets - you can toggle through them at the bottom of the screen (like little file tabs):

1. The current inventory - sheet 1

When I open a new box, I type in item name by an available number and write the number on a sticky dot and put on the back of the tag. For rings I use a long label that I can thread through and write on. I also record how many in the spreadsheet. During a LIVE party, I'll put the person's name by the item they buy. If I sell more than one, I put both names.

paparazzi inventory sheet

2. Sold - sheet 2

On sheet 2 (called "Sold"), I copy the item row from the Current sheet that was sold. I then go back to sheet one and completely delete the item (leaving the number) or mark the quantity down by 1. I group together each customers items on the Sold sheet. When an item has been paid, I put a colored background behind it (I do a different color for each month). Then I total each month with a Sum command.

paparazzi spreadsheet

3. Marked Out - sheet 3

On sheet 3, called "Marked Out" I list or paste any items I marked out for personal use, giveaways or damaged items.

Paparazzi spreadsheet

One additional thing I have started doing ok here is color coding the numbers on the "Current" sheet. Blue means they are hostess rewards that I can't find pics or names for and green means it's been added to my inventory sheet but not to FB. Just reminds me quickly what needs to be added. After it's added, I change back to black.

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