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Paypal Invoicing and Shipping Tutorial


Setting up an invoicing and shipping system will be a huge help as you grow your business. Whether you use Square or Paypal, be sure to set it up ahead of time. I recommend doing this before you even get your kit so you will have a way to invoice people from the start.

I have created a short tutorial on PayPal invoicing and shipping. It's the system I use and with which I am most familiar. One benefit to using PayPal (or Square) is that you can enter and save your customer's information and automatically pay for and print a shipping label after the customer has paid. It's a great way to get and stay organized, particularly when your business is booming

Tracking Sales & Invoices

I enter all of my sales as invoices in PayPal - even the ones I hand deliver. I just manually enter a payment to record when and how they paid me. I send the invoice to them before we meet and that helps clear up any issues (like, "oops, you forgot an item" or "hey, I only spent $10, let me buy some more!").

Super Simple Shipping

After the customer pays (if I'm shipping to them), I simply go back into the invoice, weigh the package (I bought a cheap scale on Amazon) and pay for shipping on PayPal. Then I print out the label, tape it to the package and voila!

You can also order a PayPal card reader that plugs into your phone so that you can take credit cards at home parties, festivals, etc. I'll be working on a tutorial for that at later date, but rest assured, it's super simple!

Hope the Paypal Invoicing and Shipping video tutorial was helpful. If so, subscribe to my YouTube channel for more Paparazzi tutorials. Thanks!

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