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Set Goals for your Paparazzi Business

paparazzi goals

I know it seems obvious – your goal is to make money, right? But it really is extremely important to write down your goals and have a plan to achieve them. You own a BUSINESS and typically an owner would create a business plan. This exercise will help you identify your "why," create goals and have strategies identified to help you meet those goals. Grab a notebook and revisit this plan as needed. 

  1. What is the Reason You Decided to Become a Consultant (aka your "Why"). Try to explain it very specifically. Don't just say "to make money." But explain why you want or need that money (for example, to pay for my children's activities, to travel more, to become independent).
  2. Make a list of 5 things that attracted you to buy and also to sell Paparazzi (ie the price of the product, the sisterhood, etc). This is important to define because it will help you to market these aspects that attracted you to your own audience
  3. Inventory Goals - How many pieces would you like to have in stock within 3 months? This is totally up to you. When I first started I had a goal of getting up to 300 pieces of inventory in my first month. What's your goal? 100? 1000? A good rule of thumb for a home party is to have 200 pieces to show and 100 for a basket party.

  4. Party Planning - List 20 people you plan to ask about hosting a party and go ahead and contact those people. 

  5. Potential Events & Business Set-ups - List 20 events, festivals, etc. and/or businesses (doctor's office, hair stylist) where you might ask to set up a display.
  6. Recruiting Goals - How many consultants would you like to add to your team within 3 months?
  7. List 20 People (Your Dream Team) Whom You Plan to Contact About the Opportunity - you can message them, talk to them in person, invite them to coffee or talk to them during a home party. Everyone needs to know about this super cool opportunity!

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