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How Much Money do Paparazzi Consultants Make?

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People are understandably skeptical about making money selling jewelry that is so affordable, but when you understand how our business works, you'll see that its not just commission on our personal jewelry sales, but other things that bring us income as well.

There are two ways to make money with Paparazzi:

  1. Jewelry Sales

    We buy each piece of jewelry for $2.75 and sell it for $5, which is a $2.25 profit (45% commission) per piece. Because it's such an affordably priced product and because NEW inventory comes out daily, it's a business where we see a lot of repeat customers (for me, weekly and sometimes daily - lol). We sell what we have on hand but we also get a 45% commission on any orders placed on our FREE replicated website (mine is if you want to see an example). AND, when we place orders online, we get a free piece for every 10 items ordered, plus free shipping with $100 order. So, for instance, if I place an order for 40 pieces, I get free shipping, plus 4 free pieces ($20 pure profit). You can sell those free pieces or use them as giveaways. Only consultants get this perk.

  2. Team Commission

    The other way we make money is by building a team. At first, when I started I thought I would just be selling jewelry. I couldn't imagine sponsoring other consultants, but when I began to understand the term "passive income," I quickly changed my tune. You see, when someone joins Paparazzi under you, you will earn a percentage of their purchases/commissions. The percentage varies depending on your rank, and as you rank up, you begin to earn commission on their personally sponsored consultants, and then the third line, etc. So effectively, their sales make you money (passive income), although being a leader does mean you put effort into making sure your team is trained, encouraged, and celebrated. You don't have to be an extrovert or an excellent public speaker. Some of the top consultants in our company were once shy or introverted. If you are considering joining and want to join my team, I will make sure you are trained and have tons of support.

Just how much money can be made?

Paparazzi has great information about the top, bottom and average commissions made by various ranks in Paparazzi. My sponsor is a Maven A-Lister and makes above $25,000 a MONTH. We have many "Bling Bosses" or ladies/men who have made 6 figures or more each year. Click HERE to see the average earnings for Paparazzi Consultants.

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