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How to Choose a Paparazzi Sponsor

Paparazzi Independent Consultant Heidi Lusk Hi! I'm Heidi Lusk and have been a Paparazzi Consultant since 2015. I am based in North Carolina but I have personally sponsored consultants in nearly every state in the country. It truly doesn't matter if you are close by, I train, support and encourage my team members, wherever they are! What matters is the team atmosphere, leadership, training and resources.

I would love to have you join my team so I can help you achieve success but whomever you chose, be sure they:
  • Have a Strong Upline. My upline includes the TOP consultant in the company, a Jetsetter, and 2 Maven A-Listers. This means you are also on their teams and get training from them.  
  • Provide support and training. I have created an entire training website, a training channel on YOUTUBE and have great Facebook groups with training, ISO items, and recognitions.If you ask me a question and I can't answer it, I will find out!
  • Are accessible to you. My team is growing but isn't so big that I don't have time to answer questions whenever my downline needs me - I'm always glad to hop on a call or message you. And I do monthly training live videos, team talks and team phone calls.
  • Are positive and uplifting. We have a no negativity policy on my team - that doesn't mean we ignore challenges, we address them and move on with grace. We have intentionally created a supportive, celebrative atmosphere.
  • Have a strong commitment to YOUR success. Paparazzi is so much more than $5 jewelry. It's so much more than making amazing money. It's also about building a business in which OTHERS have great success and make their dreams come true. I pray for my teammates, listen to them and try to help them figure out how to be a huge success.

I would be honored if you would join my team. It doesn't matter if you live 3,000 miles away or are next door, I am here for you!

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