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My Paparazzi Story

I'm Heidi Lusk, consultant number 40419, and I've been with Paparazzi since October 2015. Just wanted to share a little bit about my journey with Paparazzi. 

In 2015, I had 8 surgeries and procedures for a kidney defect. I own another business but because of the surgeries and downtime, I wasn’t able to work as much as usual and in October, I started to panic because I knew Christmas was around the corner. I started looking for a second job that I could work while laying down – ideally working on my phone. Sounds crazy, right? I looked into telemarketing, tech support, and tons of direct sales opportunities. Because I had worked in direct sales before with a high end jewelry company, I knew the ropes and I knew the issues I had with direct sales. I knew I didn’t want to sell something that was expensive (I hate asking friends and family to buy or host parties for something that costs $50 plus). And I knew I wanted to work for a company that emphasized positivity instead of cut-throat competition. Finally, I wanted something that I truly believed it – a product I love.

One day I was on Facebook and saw my friend, Shelley Ramsey, talking about her new $5 jewelry business. When I realized she did a lot of her sales on Facebook, I took notice. I started looking for her posts. I loved the positivity and the values that the company presented. I ordered some from her and LOVED the jewelry. You know, when it’s $5, you want to be sure it is good quality. In fact, sometimes the quality is so good, I don’t know how they sell it for $5! So I joined in October, 2015.

My goal was to make enough money to pay for Christmas. I way exceeded that goal and was able to not only pay for Christmas, but some of my medical bills as well.

Then I did something stupid.

After my final surgery at UNC in December, I needed to concentrate on my other business to be sure it would thrive. I didn’t do anything with my Paparazzi business other than order some pieces for myself, for all of 2016. Granted, I was busy, and my other business was really taking off, but I really could have found time to keep it up. Shelley, my sponsor, who joined just a few months before me, was by December of 2016, nearly an elite rank and making $5K per month on commission. I could have been right behind her in that if I’d just stayed and worked a little when I had time. I have been kicking myself!!!

January 2, 2017, Shelley’s husband, Chris (age 41) passed away very unexpectedly. It was shocking. This was a friend who was the pitcher and I was the first-baseman on our softball team in high school. She was someone I looked up to then and now. And she has 4 kids. I racked my brain trying to think of how I could help, and then I remembered…I’m on her Paparazzi team. She earns a percentage of what I sell! So I made a huge order and restarted my business. To be honest, I just expected to do it for a few months to help her out.

But God had other plans…

In February, my cousin, Joi, joined my team. I was selling jewelry left and right and having so much fun. The ladies on Shelley’s team were so supportive, encouraging and helpful. I started seeing this as an opportunity and not a hobby. As a real way to make money as I look at my son going to college in 2018. By April I had made director. Today I have added many more team members, am up for a new rank and still loving every minute of it. I do work full time, have three kids and a husband, so I’m busy. But I still work mostly on my phone. When I’m in line waiting on my kids at school. At night before I go to bed. While I’m waiting on the pasta to boil. There’s always some downtime during the day that gives me the perfect chance to work my business.

Because of Paparazzi…

Because of Paparazzi, I have paid bills, bought dinners, paid for an entire trip to Las Vegas, am saving for a car, and have piece of mind that previously I didn’t have. Before, I usually got paid at the first of the month, as does my husband. So that means that by October 20 or so, things got pretty tight. Now, I have that flexible income that literally trickles in each day. I have money to get us to payday and beyond.

Today, I sold $180 in 20 minutes.

The jewelry sells itself, honestly. And people really love being consultants. There is so much variety, too. Even in towns where there are 50 consultants, they aren’t oversaturated because our inventory changes daily. That means what I buy on Tuesday won’t be available on Wednesday when my other teammate may buy. Our inventory is different, its inexpensive, and its so fun!

If you would like more information about joining, please visit or feel free to message me on Facebook or send me an email – I’d love to have you on my team!