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Paparazzi Jewelry Virtually Sells Itself

direct sales product that really sells

After being involved with two other direct sales companies and struggling with selling high priced products with steep learning curves, I was very excited to find a company offering an affordably priced product that sells itself. Paparazzi Accessories has solved the problems that I encountered in other direct sales companies: ease of sale, price, and variety, and offered other benefits I didn't even realize I wanted!

Does Paparazzi Jewelry Really Offer a Product that Sells Itself?

With some direct sales companies, you have to demonstrate effectiveness through weight loss, improved skin, etc. So there is a learning curve as you study all of the science, learn the buzz words that will sell the product (and, by the way, I think are mostly very good products and I do use many of them - I just have trouble selling them). With Paparazzi Accessories, you open a box, hold up an item, and more often than not, it is snapped up. I don't have to "sell" the aspects of the jewelry. I don't have to explain the science behind the jewelry. It's ridiculously affordable at $5 and it's attractive and on trend, so it's an easy sell. And truly, simply showing it is selling it. Literally "out of the box" you will make a profit without a learning curve, or a demonstrated level of effectiveness.


One of the reasons Paparazzi sells so well is that it is very reasonably priced at $5 per piece. In other sales companies, I was hesitant to ask my friends and family to have a party for items that were $50-up. I felt almost guilty and consequently, my "pitch" was very apologetic and not effective. That was the main reason I left one of the companies, so when I found Paparazzi, I was impressed that they had created a direct sales company with affordable products. I have sold more in one week with Paparazzi than I sold in a year with the other company. The other advantage to a low price product is its much easier to have repeat customers. Before, when I was with another company, my friends and family bought one or two high-priced items out of the kindness of their hearts but I only had one of them ever become a repeat customer (and that was my mom - thanks, mom!). Now I have an entire community of customers, all over the USA, who are repeat customers (some of them buy every week or even multiple times a week). In fact, they are messaging me to ask for products, ask about new releases or see when my next LIVE show will be (they are Thursdays at 8pm, by the way :).


Another thing that was problematic for me was the lack of variety with other companies. One of them really only had 20 or so products that didn't really change and weren't consumable items that you need to replace. The other one had more products that changed a few times a year. So when I looked into Paparazzi and found that their inventory changes DAILY Monday-Friday, I thought I had misread the email my sponsor sent me. But it's true. While they do maintain a line of products that can be reordered (Blockbusters) the majority of the jewelry is a one-time issue and as it is sold out, new items are added daily. This is important for two reasons. First, it, of course allows me to offer huge variety to my customers. Every week I have new jewelry to offer for sale, so it keeps them coming back to my LIVE shows and my VIP Group and makes them a repeat customer. Second, it creates a more positive, congenial relationship between consultants. We actually SHARE CUSTOMERS! Yes, you heard that right, unlike some companies where cut-throat competition is the norm, we actually will send our customers to another consultant if we don't have what they are looking for. Why the heck would we do that? Because we all have different inventory due to the variety and the inventory that changes daily. So for the most part we aren't really competing to sell the same exact product. Also, the jewelry is only $5, so customers will buy from me, my friend, her cousin and whomever has a piece they want. Finally, having variety has created a niche of collectors. If they see a piece they want to add to their collection, they will hunt it down across many consultants all over the US. I have made many sales to these amazing collectors!

Design & Quality

Paparazzi employs talented designers to create attractive, on-trend jewelry that is easy to sell. They are in tune with upcoming trends in design and color and come out with new lines every year in Fall and Spring (just like the big fashion houses, do!). You won't see the same pieces or colors repeated often (unless they are offered as encore pieces). In addition, the quality is awesome. There is jewelry at Belk's right now that is almost identical to a necklace I have in stock but it's $25 at Belk's - and $5 with Paparazzi! And speaking of a product that sells itself, I have sold pieces I am wearing right off my neck because people loved the design so much.

Other Benefits that Help You Show & Sell

Free Website

I came in to Paparazzi expecting to pay for the website each month, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out the replicated customized website is FREE. Many direct sales companies do charge for their sites. This definitely helps me to better sell the jewelry.

Professional Photography

I don't have to photograph my products (thank goodness) like some DS companies expect you to do. Paparazzi provides professionally photographed images for each piece that I purchase from them. This is especially important for Facebook and one of the reasons the jewelry sells itself.

Coordinating Pieces & Sets

Many of the pieces that Paparazzi sells have coordinating pieces. So necklaces and bracelets, rings or earrings that match. In addition, Paparazzi offers an optional Fashion Fix direct ship made up of 5 4-piece sets each month. Having coordinating pieces definitely helps me to show and sell, and to show and upsell.

If you are interested in a product that "sells itself," join Paparazzi today! I would love to be your sponsor and help you achieve success!