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Paparazzi Perks

paparazzi perks

One thing I've learned about selling Paparazzi, our Founders LOVE to spoil us and have given us tons of tools and perks that allow us to succeed big!

In addition to the jewelry, marketing materials and displays that Paparazzi Starter Kits include, these are some other built-in perks and optional programs we can take advantage of.

paparazzi website


Unlike some direct sales companies, Paparazzi offers all of its consultants a FREE replicated website which can be accessed using their consultant id # (and also later changed to your name/business name if desired). For instance, mine is (or you can also get to it via

When a customer places an order, they will pay $5.00 and you will get the $2.25 commission on their purchases. Customers pay $5.95 or if their order is over $100, they get FREE SHIPPING!

If their order is over $100 the order will ship for FREE!

You will be paid any online sales commission plus downline commission and other bonuses on the 20th of the month for the previous month.

Also, you can set up hosted parties on your replicated site so that partygoers can shop for bling that is then credited to your party hostess.


Because Paparazzi is a party-based sales company, we offer our hostesses one free piece of jewelry for every 10 purchased in her party (or 10% of the party total). To help us keep up with this, Paparazzi gives consultants one free hostess reward for every 10 pieces we order online. So for an order of 40 pieces, we get 4 free hostess rewards. We can use them as freebies or put them into our inventory to sell! Some months Paparazzi also offers double hostess rewards!

In addition, we pay $5.95 shipping but also get the FREE shipping if the order is over $100. 

fashion fix


Fashion Fix is an optional monthly program that auto-ships 5 curated, stylish trend blend sets of 4 pieces each and 5 pieces picked by a stylist (25 pieces total, plus hostess rewards). Each Fashion Fix set is created for a specific style. For instance, one of the sets is more "girly" and another is more "edgy." They are some of the most coveted pieces. When you join FF, you will be billed monthly for the pieces plus tax and shipping, Mine ends up being around $83, but it depends on the tax where you live. 

Then a box will arrive with your 5 sets and style cards that give you tips on how to sell them. You can use these sample sets to show to your customers and then on the 5th of the month at midnight, you can order the sets (or individual pieces). The sets are $20 or $5 for each piece.

There is usually a waiting list for subscribing to the Fashion Fix. Call Paparazzi today to get on the list! 

passport vacation


Every year consultants are given the opportunity to earn a vacation with Paparazzi. Some years it's been to the Dominican Republic or Cancun and this past year I was lucky enough to be on the very first Paparazzi cruise. You earn part or all of your vacation by earning points for various tasks including growing your team, sales, and attending the convention. 


When you rank up to Executive Producer or Higher, you become an Elite Consultant. Each year Paparazzi treats Elite Consultants to a retreat (paid for by Paparazzi). Last year it was in Palm Springs, CA. 


For those who attain huge sales goals, Paparazzi adds them to a club called Life of the Party. Those folks get huge recognition at the convention, plus free jewelry and a cute bag. In addition, some levels are invited to Las Vegas on an all-expense paid trip with the founders and get to go on a shopping spree!