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Top 10 Reasons to Become a Paparazzi Consultant

top ten reasons to join paparazzi


There are so many reasons to become a Paparazzi Consultant, that it's hard to pick just ten. But here goes:

set your own hours with paparazzi10. Set Your Own Hours! 

Work your business when you have time. Some days I work while I'm waiting in line for kids at school pickup, or waiting for dinner to cook. The beautiful thing is that it's your own business so YOU set the hours and determine how much time you will spend.

9. Paparazzi Jewelry is Affordable & Easy to Sell! 

Unlike some products that are pricey or difficult to sell, at $5, Paparazzi offers a price point that is almost as attractive as the jewelry!

8. Paparazzi Changes its Inventory Daily, Which Means Huge Variety!

You won't ever get bored with Paparazzi! The inventory changes daily, which offers your customer huge variety and ensures that you have something for different tastes.

variety7. Paparazzi Jewelry is Adorable and On-Trend!

Paparazzi's designers and stylists  create jewelry that follows upcoming trends in fashion, and also keeps a line of classic, timeless jewelry as well.

6.  Meet Awesome People!

While building your team and attending Paparazzi events, you will meet some awesome men and women who could you as their Papa "brothers and sisters." It truly is a very generous bunch of folks who are happy to meet and share ideas with other Paparazzi Consultants, This is very different from other cut-throat experiences I have been a part of. And the founders are brilliant people who are very involved in our training and encouragement.

5. Paparazzi Accessories Rewards its Consultants Big Time!

Paparazzi truly spoils its consultants. From simple recognition like a birthday gift, to opportunities to earn trips, cash bonuses, and advanced commissions, it truly is an amazing company to work for.

There are so many reasons to become a Paparazzi Consultant, that it's hard to pick just ten. But here goes:

paparazzi passport vacation4.  Travel, Travel, Travel!!!

Paparazzi affords its consultants many opportunities for travel, even to earn a trip. From Empower Me Pink training seminars in cities around the US, to Elite training at various resorts, to the conference in Las Vegas, and Paparazzi Passport (typically in a tropical locale - and you can earn your trip), Paparazzi offers many opportunities to travel.

3. Recoup Your Initial Investment Quickly!

Most Paparazzi Consultants are able to sell the jewelry in their kits very quickly, turning an almost immediate profit. I sold mine in a week. One teammate sold hers in a day. And another had hers sold completely before she even got her kit! And starting at $99, kits are affordable. 

work on your phone2. You can Do 90% of this Job on Your Smartphone!

From scheduling parties and posting on Facebook to ordering my inventory, I truly do about 90% of my job through my phone. Of course I do home parties, events, and basket parties, but the rest is all on my phone! This is a great opportunity for moms, those with health problems or people on the go!

1. Tremendous Income Potential!

My upline makes 5 figures a MONTH. I recently bought a car and my upline bought a new house. It truly is a direct sales product that sells well and provides its consultants with real opportunities to attain passive income!


I would love for you to join my team. Our team offers amazing support and additional training, graphic resources, help with setting up Facebook and pretty much anything you need to succeed.  :) Email me or message me to join!