FREE BLING in the Starter Kits During September!

During September, 2019, you’ll get FREE additional jewelry in all starter kits! And it’s the perfect month to join because the Christmas shopping season starts soon and people love giving $5 bling as gifts.
But there is one difficult decision you have to make…which kit to choose!!!
Preview Pack – $99
The $99 kit typically includes 35 pieces of jewelry, plus training materials, displays, and supplies you will need. And this month it has 5 extra pieces! So that’s an additional $25 in free and clear profit. Sell your kit out and you make $200, which is a profit of $101!
Small Home Party Kit – $299
But then there is the $299 kit, which includes 120 pieces of jewelry typically, plus more displays, training materials and supplies. And this month it has 10 additional pieces! So that’s an additional $50 profit meaning a sold out kit will make you $650, which is a profit of $351! And to me, this kit makes a lot of sense because many times that $99 kit with 35 pieces sells out super quick and then you have to wait for another order to come in to sell. With the $299 kit, you already have enough inventory for a home party or basket party.
Large Home Party Kit – $499
My favorite option of the three starter kits is absolutely the best value. The $499 kit includes 200 pieces of jewelry and this month has an additional 20 pieces, this means you’ll make $1,100 and $601 profit. PLUS, you get additional displays and items in the kit, AND a FREE TICKET TO the PAPARAZZI CONVENTION IN VEGAS! That’s roughly a $150 value!
And it’s super easy to join. Follow this link: and you can sign up online in minutes. I would love to be your sponsor and have you on our team of goal achieving, money-making, amazing women and men. Our team goes the extra mile – we share resources, do tons of training, and we celebrate and support each team member.
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