How to Make Money Selling Paparazzi

how to make money selling paparazzi jewelry

How in the world do you make money selling Paparazzi $5 Jewelry? There are two ways – selling jewelry and building a team. Some people only sell jewelry and do very well, others choose to do both. Honestly, at first I wasn’t sure I would build a team. I loved selling the jewelry but I just wasn’t sure having a team was my thing. However, once I had a few people on my team, I found out that it is hugely rewarding, not just financially, but also as a source of fellowship and enrichment.

Selling Paparazzi Jewelry

The first way to make money selling Paparazzi jewelry, you can sell the bling and get 45% commission on all sales. Paparazzi provides you with a FREE website and people can either order from your site (and you get the commission) or you can order pieces in your “back office” for $2.75 and sell them for $5.00, making $2.25 (45% commission). It is a numbers game, but people LOVE this jewelry and I found that right off the bat I was selling 100s of pieces a month. Some people sell thousands of pieces a month. On average, I make about $25-50 per hour.

You can sell jewelry on Facebook, in your own boutique or shop, at a festival or event, in your salon, at home parties, and may other venues. One of my favorite ways to sell is to take my “bling bag” with little clear windows with me when I go run errands. Most days I can make $25 just walking around with that bag! Other people have set up converted food trucks (made into jewelry trucks), bling vending machines and more. I created my own website (separate from my Paparazzi site) that sells my inventory (you are on this site right now!).

Building a Team

When you are a consultant and someone joins under you, you start building a team, and this is the second way to make money selling Paparazzi jewelry. Team building is key to ranking up with Paparazzi because most of the ranks are achieved by reaching a specific team volume. It’s also the key to making millions of dollars with Paparazzi like our top consultant, Mandi Heinsch. You can make up to 10% commission from people who join your team. As you rank up, your commissions will reach further – allowing you to also earn commission on people on down your organizational tree.

This commission creates a passive income stream. That’s not to say you do nothing to earn it, though. Leading a team is an amazing opportunity. If you join my team, we provide additional training and I train everyone on my team to be a team leader themselves. It’s an amazing sisterhood/brotherhood and my team supports, trains, celebrates and encourages its members.

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