In Memory of Sandra

It's October, and usually I do a promotion or a fundraiser for Breast Cancer in honor of my mother who fought breast cancer for 15 years. On June 11, 2019, my mother, Sandra, died. She was brave and she fought hard through surgeries, radiation, numerous chemo treatments, and experimental treatments for brain tumors that plagued her in her last year. She was a light in this world, an amazing mother, and my best friend. A few years back, when they found the cancer had returned again, I got her friends (and mine) and family to "flamingo" her Facebook page. You know, like people flamingo yards. Everyone posted a photo (or painting, or illustration) of a flamingo and left her a sweet message. I cannot tell you how much this lifted her spirits. We did it again the day she had her last chemo treatment (turned out not to be her last treatment but we thought it was at that time) and people flamingoed her again. The day she died, my Paparazzi team (Team Savvy), flamingoed our Team page and sent the most gorgeous flamingo colored flowers.  So even though my mom and I both live in the Blue Ridge Mountains, no where near any flamingos, we adopted this beautiful bird as our kind of inspiration and symbol of hope. 

When I started to think about what I would do to promote Breast Cancer Awareness in October, and also honor my mother. So I decided to incorporate a flamingo into the Savvy Chicks logo. And I will be making a donation in her honor to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

When you see the logo (and hey, it's Paparazzi pink, so I took some creative liberties, lol) smile! She LOVED jewelry, and was so supportive of me when I started selling Paparazzi. I hope that I make her proud and use this business to not only support my family, but also to honor her, and shine God's light.