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Consultant Assistance

Hello, my fellow Paparazzi sister or brother! You are welcome to use the Consultant Resources on my site, regardless of whether you are in my downline or not. I'm very happy to help by providing resources and you are welcome to share them on Facebook or however you'd like.

I do ask, though, that you refer all questions to your sponsor, team or upline (because I don't want to overstep). The chat button on my site is for customers or potential consultants. I get tons of questions from consultants every day and I wish I could help, but it's better if you ask your upline (I also lead a team of almost 400 so I am spending time helping them as well). 

In addition, please understand that I cannot print out the live numbers and mail them to you or re-layout the numbers to make them smaller or increase the numbers. I have had numerous people ask this. I truly wish I had the time to do that but I do not. If you need something custom, I would look on etsy. I also cannot email you the spreadsheet. You can download it on the post. 

If you have not found an answer to your question, I suggest searching your upline's Facebook groups, googling your question or contact Paparazzi corporate office - Please know I am super glad you stopped by my site and wish you much success in your business! -Heidi Lusk, CID 40419


***if you are looking for help with your purchase on the website or would like more info about joining Paparazzi, please feel free to use the chat.