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Why Sell Paparazzi Jewelry? 

Selling Paparazzi jewelry is such a smart business decision! When you join Paparazzi, you become an Independent Consultant and are YOUR OWN BOSS and own a business! This opens up your life to a whole new level of freedom. 


I Love Selling Paparazzi Jewelry Because...

  1. I get paid to party! Seriously, I get boxes of the cutest jewelry (and it feels like Christmas every time I open a box) and then get to make money while I hang out on Facebook or in person with a bunch of crazy, fun ladies!

  2. I make money to pay for our family vacations, help pay for my kids' college, pay bills and even have some left over to treat myself!

  3. I make money while I sleep. Because we have a FREE website through Paparazzi Accessories (and I built my own site with my personal inventory), people shop and PAY ME while I sleep :)

  4. I have built a great downline and I make commission on their sales as well, which is PASSIVE INCOME. I also didn't realize how much fun it would be to lead a team and see these women and men succeed!

  5. I can sell on my own site, brick and mortar store, Facebook, Instagram and more, with fewer restrictions than most other direct sales company.

  6. The price is amazing - $5 jewelry is affordable for everyone. Because of the price, style and quality, most everyone at a party will buy something and likely come back to buy more.

  7. I love the variety. Paparazzi adds new jewelry for us to purchase every day from Mon-Fri, which not only means we have a ton of variety for our customers, but means that likely I will have something different from a consultant down the street, so customers can shop from us both!

  8. One of my favorite things is the opportunity to travel. Last year I earned part of my Paparazzi cruise to the Western Caribbean, and have traveled to the convention in Las Vegas for the past three years. It's so much fun and has opened up a new world to me :)

  9. No monthly quotas, free website, tons of training and support and more!

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